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10 Tips for Safe Boat Trailering

Boats spend a lot of time in the water, but when boats get onto a trailer the really interesting stuff happens.  

There are far more stories shared about small boat trailering than about small boats on the water.  Once someone has passed examination to drive they are approved to trailer boats. This is quite amazing when you look at the complexity of trailering. Your trailer is only as strong as the weakest link. 

  • Can your boat pass you on the I5 at 70 mph? You bet. Improper tongue weight. 

  • Can the trailer separate and the boat  slide forward towards the towing vehicle?  Yes, trailer bolts can shear or bolts fail or welds fail.    

  • Can the  pin on your trailer receiver go missing mysteriously? 

  • Wheels fall off? Oh yes, this can happen even if you are super careful.   

  • Bunks or rollers punching through the hull on gravel?  

Here are my top 10 tips to trailer a boat as safely as possible and some stories of calamity. Some personal and obtained the hard way, others shared over many stories at Kyuquot Beach House Fishing.

Kyuquot for kids? This blog comes straight from the heart of Ava B. She is a city kid that sheds her busy life every summer to make memories at Kyuquot. 

My name is Ava and I am 11 years old. I was born and raised in Kyuquot but now I live in West Vancouver.  My favorite time of the year is right when summer starts. Usually kids are excited for summer because they're going off to Hawaii or just hanging out with friends at home, but not me. I have an out-of-the-ordinary summer with tubing, fishing, working, and a lot more of my favorite things.

Getting the bite is one thing, getting it in the boat is another.

The strike! Get it right. Too hard on a short line and you break the line or rip the lips off the fish! I recall a wonderful story about James, a lawyer from London England. We were fishing the 50 fathom edge off of Kyuquot and on each bite he gave it an ever so gentle nudge of a strike. But, we were fishing 200 feet and the fish barely felt the strike let alone got hooked! Zero for 6. Then the demo from me on how to power into a strike by first reeling up the slack and giving it everything you've got. James being a great student of angling took it all in. In retrospect,

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Power Boat Anchors: (Where to Put Your) Anchors Away

Have you checked your anchor lately? Small boat operators very occasionally anchor, and sometimes this critical piece of equipment is overlooked as more of an emergency tool than a must-have attachment tool for overnighting in some calm bay.

First and foremost it is the most important tool to stop you from grounding your vessel when you have lost power. Of course there are many ways in which your vessel can cease to function. Once adrift it is important, while you are waiting for help, to stop yourself from going ashore. Fairly basic stuff really, until your chain and rope is broken or missing and you're drifting into a shoal.

Avoiding Seasickness: Tips for Keeping Your Lunch Down in Kyuquot

Fishing the open ocean can be trying if "tossing your cookies" is the primary activity on your boat. Some people have absolutely no problem with motion sickness but most people have a limit. And if you are prone to not feeling well, the thought of booking an ocean fishing trip might be intimidating. Here are some practical tips to ease the quease when you're on the wild coast.

Tales from the Transom: Stern Steering in Kyuquot

Guides in Kyuquot Beach House boats live in the stern. Facing their stern, facing clients, able to engage in face-to-face conversation while staying in complete control of the fishing gear is something none of the guides could envision being without.